Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Baltimore During World War II

Jack Burkert talks to members after his presentation.
Historian Jack Burkert informed and entertained visitors as the featured guest at Monday's Speaker Series.  His lively presentation focused on local indutries that thrived during World War II. Although his talk focused on  the "Big Three" industries that employed more than 100,000 people during the peak of the war effort -- steel making, ship building and aircraft manufacturing -- he also tipped his hat to the many other companies that contributed.
More than 50,000 people worked at the Martin Company and he hailed Glenn Martin as one of the aviation pioneers of the century.

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  1. Jack Burkert's speaker night presentation is Monday, October 2 at 7pm, with entrance to 2323 Eastern Blvd located for tonight at the rear of the building.
    On Monday, October 2 at 7pm, the Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum’s free monthly Aviation Speaker Series held at the Lockheed Martin Auditorium at 2323 Eastern Blvd in Middle River,  presents Museum Educator Jack Burkert providing a presentation on  “Baltimore’s Big Three Industries During World War II”.  As World War II began, Baltimore, its citizens and the industries that employed them were truly transformed during the 1940’s. In presenting this historical dynamic,  Burkert’s focus is first directed at the “Big Three” war industries; steel, ships, and aircraft,  Baltimore area manufacturing forces that employed over 100,000 people, won countless production awards and shifted forever the opinions of who could be employed to do which jobs. Jack Burkert is a retired educator,  working a second career job as a senior Museum Educator at the Baltimore Museum of Industry.  Jack has made a specialty of adding content and background to his work through research into the history of Baltimore, its port, businesses, people and immigration.  Admission to the Speaker Series is free. A photo ID is required for entry into the facility.


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