Saturday, August 23, 2014

So long until next year

The Liberty Foundation's Movie Memphis Belle spent the weekend at Martin State Airport and flew dozens of people in the historic B-17.

A crew with a C-130 from the Kentucky Air National Guard got an up-close look when the B-17 taxied within fleet on way to another flight (see video below).

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Perfect weather for perfect day

Susan Merryman got a chance to tell visitors about the historic Rearwin Cloudster brought out for Open Cockpit.

Real Rosie the Riveters (Grace, Rena, Loretta and Susan) answered questions.
Betsy, a new volunteer, welcomed visitors as Rosie the Riveter.
Over 200 visitors got a chance to experience Open Cockpit Day on Saturday when the museum opened several aircraft on its Strawberry Point static line. Yougsters of all ages could sit in a nuclear bomber or one of several fighters and trainers, including a Top Gun TA-4J Skyhawk and F-100F Wild Weasel. The most popular aircraft with visitors were the Skyhawk and T-34C Mentor trainer. People also got to see the latest addition to the collection, the UH-1M "Huey" helicopter which elicited knowing glances from several Vietnam-era veterans.

Several Rosie the Riveters also were there to tell tales of World War II and answer questions.
Beautifully restored Plymouth was an added bonus.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Last chance of the season

This Saturday will be the final Open Cockpit day of the season, when children of all ages can get a close look at our aircraft.  A number of Rosie the Riveters are also expected at the museum to talk about their war-time experiences.

Don't miss your chance.  The next opportunity will be in 2015!

A surprise visitor at Flight Line

Come out and see the museum's Huey UH-1M on the flight line.  The museum had arranged several years ago for the helicopter to be displayed at the Vietnam Veterans of America site in Dundalk, but now it has returned. This particular helicopter saw two tours of duty in Vietnam.

The Huey needs repainting, restoration and it's inside cleaned and refreshed. The museum can always use help working on its aircraft.  Donations are also gratefully accepted to help defray the cost of this iconic aircraft.

A look at history

Docent Bill Haugen explains the special tiles on the shuttle. A busload of aviation enthusiasts enjoyed the day November 8 at the Smiths...